Dom and Luke were two tired chefs bored of being in the lockdown limbo. Between them, they had experience in Michelin star kitchens and local favourites, and wanted to start cooking again, despite covid... 

After living in London and loving its cult pasta scene, Dom and Luke felt saddened by the chains of Italian restaurants in the Berkshire and Surrey areas. Nobody was doing fresh pasta! So the idea was born. 

We pride ourselves on the freshest ingredients, and make our pasta and bread fresh each morning. 

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It's simple! Create your kit by choosing a pasta and a sauce. If you're feeling hungry, grab some bread too. It's great for mopping up the bowl after! 

Place your order via the order tab online, selecting the date you'd like delivered in the basket icon, or email or text us if you'd prefer. Once placed you'll receive a confirmation text and invoice. Orders must be placed before 12 noon for same day delivery and will be delivered between 12-5pm Thurs-Sun.

And dinner? Ready in under 5 minutes. Just chuck the pasta into boiling water for 2 minutes, heat the sauce and mix together. Easy!



Pasta (each serves one person)

Tagliatelle    2.5

Straight narrow ribbons

Garganelli    2.5

Hand rolled tubular pasta

Pappardelle    2.5

Thick cut ribbons

Vegan Tagliatelle (Ve)    2.5

Made with Italian olive oil

Sauces (each serves one person)

Shin of Beef & Oxtail Ragù    6.5

Slow braised shin of beef and oxtail ragù, folded through a rich tomato and red wine sauce

Spicy Italian Sausage & Pork Ragù    5.5

A spicy ragù cooked slowly with bay, carrots, celery and shallot

Tomato, Mascarpone & Gorgonzola (V)    5

A rich and creamy tomato sauce with a hint of blue cheese to give a subtle tang

Mushroom & Chestnut (Ve)    5

Mixed wild mushrooms and chestnuts cooked in a vegan creamy sauce

Still hungry?

House Focaccia   2.5

Made fresh each day with our sourdough starter

V - Vegetarian.     Ve - Vegan

Delivery fee £1.50. No delivery fee on orders over £25. 

Delivery around areas of Berkshire and Surrey. Enter your address when ordering to check we deliver to you.

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Delivery Thurs-Sun, 12-5pm
Order online, by phone or email any day. Order by 12 noon latest for same day delivery.



Feel free to drop us a message with any enquiries.

P.S. We also do private menus and catering! See our Bespoke Mirepoix page.

Berkshire, UK


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Holy mother of God. If only pictures could emit tastes... Now we want to eat like this every night!


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